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I love tools. I’m in a constant lookout for great tools and when I see a promising one, I try them out. This post is going to be a quick look into the open source code editors I use, Why I use them, What they are good at and What they are bad at.


I’m starting to love this piece of software very much.

The things I love about Atom

  • Default theme is very pleasing.
  • Extension ecosystem is awesome.
  • Autocomplete is sexy looking.
  • The TypeScript plugin. Especially the TSLint integration is lovely. If you are into Typescript, Give this a try!

Things I would like to see improve

  • The startup time. I use this in a windows workstation with 16GB of RAM but still it takes a bit of time to start.
  • Intermittent Hangs. Yes! It hangs sometimes. I would love to see them gone.

The Pluging I Have Installed For Atom

So what about Brackets? I tried brackets around 6 months ago, but I was not very impressed with it as a Code editor. It seems like bracket’s target is more towards UI developers with the tight integration to Adobe’s ecosystem. But again I didn’t try the recent releases, So I can’t say much. Maybe I should give it a try again.

Visual Studio Code

Another fantastic piece of software excels in a completely different area, The server side development. When I say server side development, I’m not talking about Asp.Net web forms. NO. I’m talking about what cool kids are up to these days, Node JS and Asp.Net v5.

I use VS Code for Node JS development mainly.

Here are the reasons why I like this editor.

  • Excellent Node JS Debugging Support
    • Feature rich editing experience in the editor
    • Interactive Console
  • Typescript support is excellent.
  • Intellisense is awesome. Even for vanilla JavaScript.
  • Fast as #&(@#@&#^&.

Things I would like to see improve.

  • Plugin Support. I know the team is working on this feature but it’s very crucial at this point since there are small things missing in the editor and they could be written as nice little plugins.

Things are good so far

So far I’m happy with these two! Atom is for front end development and VS Code is for Node JS development with debugging. If I find a better alternative, I’ll let you know. You have a better alternative? Leave me a comment. I would like to try them out!

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