My First PR

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I always wanted to contribute to open source projects. Last week I decided to put some effort into it and finally I fixed a bug of a .Net open source project called Humanizer and the maintainer of the project Mehdi Khalili accepted the PR and it was EXCITING!

This is a mini post discussing my journey from finding a project to getting the PR accepted.

Finding a project

So first you have to find a project that you want to contribute to. I started looking for projects that interest me in This web site got a bunch of project that has defects which are tagged as beginner friendly. So anyone who is willing to contribute can jump in and fix stuff. I picked Humanizer and then started looking for issues which are easy enough to start.

Pick a small defect and get to work

I picked a small defect related to .ToString() and started the discussion. The maintainer was very engaging and he answered all the questions very clearly.

For the project and Check out

Once you are confident about the fix that you are going to make, now it’s show time. Fork the project to your account and checkout the repository and start hacking.

Issue a merge request

Once you fix the issue and commit the changes to your fork, you can issue a pull request (PR). If your fix is good enough and you have followed the guidelines for contributions, the maintainer will merge the changes to the master.

My pull request was not that elegant and Mehdi suggested some changes that could make the PR even more elegant.

Go OSS :)

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