Plugins that make Atom an Awesome Editor

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I’m a big fan of Atom Editor. In a previous post I have discussed about the editors I use for day to day developement.

Atom is advertised as a hackable editor and It truly is. When you see a missing feature, you can very easily find a plugin for it. The plugins makes atom so great because you can customize the editor entirely for your needs.

Here I’m going list all the plugins I find useful with Atom. Hope this helps you guys as well.


  • Atom TernJs: A JavaScript intellisense engine. It’s a must have if you are a JavaScript dev.

  • Language Babel: Enhanced ES6 Syntax highlighting.

  • React: React syntax highlighting.

  • Docblockr: Write docs faster.


  • Atom Beautifier: Auto formats the code.

  • File Icons: Adds icons according to the file type in the file explorer pane. Makes spotting files so easy.

  • Minimap: Stylish mini code map near the scroll bar. Usefull and cool looking.

  • Sublime Style Column Selection: Select text acorss multiple lines like a pro. Sublime style.

  • Tool bar almighty: Very handy toolbar with frequently used features.

  • Highlight Selected: Highlights the same word in the document.

  • Minimap Highlight Selected: Same as above but highlight the same words in the minimap.

  • Autocomplete Paths: If you are doing NodeJs developement or working with ES6 Modules, It would be a pain to figure out the folder hierarchy. This plugin is a god sent in such places.


  • Atom Typescript: Typescript support for atom. One of the best typescript developement experience you can get.




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