Packages for Better React Experience

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Here are some components and utils that will make your React developement even more enjoyable.

React Components

React Date Picker

Feature rich, configurable date picker for react. Worked everytime without any issue.

React DnD

Drag and drop is not so easy to handle. React Dnd makes it easy with React.

React Ace

When you want a code editor in your react app, React Ace is the package you want. React ace is a wrapper for Ace editor.

React Modal

Modal dialog in react.

React Skylight

Skylight makes modal dialogs easy, which is something I discovered recently.

React Dazzle

Ok, I snuck one of mine in! Dazzle makes building dashboards easier.

Util Libraries


Working with CSS classes could be tricky when you want to append and remove based on conditions. If you have a requiment to work with classes, this package is a must.


Axios is a promise based HTTP client. Very nice API and I really enjoyed working with this library. You might also want to check axios mock adapter which makes testing easier.


If you are writting tests for your react components, which you should, do your self a favour and use Enzyme.


Semantic UI

As a developer, working with CSS to get things to look the way I wanted was always challenging. Things changed when I discovered Semantic UI. An awesome set of UI elements to pick from and they compose extremly well. Semantic UI is also getting its official React components here. Keep an eye for it as well.




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