Write To Windows Event Log From NodeJS

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There are some great logging framework in NodeJS. Winson in one of the well known library which can log to multiple transports.

Logging to Windows Event Log

Recently I wanted to log to Windows event log from my Node JS application and I was planning to use Winston along with Winston-winlog to log to the event viewer.

Failed Attempt to use Winston-winlog

Winston-winlog uses Windows Event Log Js internally to write to the event log. But unfortunately Windows Event Log Js is a native module and it has to be compiled. But I couldn’t successfully compile it.

Edge JS with a Class Library

Other option I was attempting to do was to write a simple class library which will allow me to log message to Windows Event log and I can invoke the class library methods from Node JS through the awesome Edge Js Library. But Edge Js requires .Net 4.5 but we had to work with .Net 4.0 so this was no longer a viable option.

node-windows Module - The Saviour

After some googling, I found an amazing module called node-windows, which can write to Windows Event Log and it’s not a native module so no need of compilation.

Node windows not only has event logging functionality but it also has some other amazing windows related features.

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