Visual Studio Extensions

ResharperExcellent plugin for visual studio which makes you super productive.
Code Maid VS ExtensionPersonally I love the code maid beacause it helps to navigate through long files very effectively. Not to mention there are bunch of more useful features bundled in.
VS Command ExtensionAdds some bells and whistles to visual studio. Specially the “Attach” button which attaches to the appropriate process to start debugging is a killer feature.

Text Editors

SublimeI started using Sublime recently and I’m already loving it. Nothing can come near its performance. Simply awesome!
AtomA hackable text editor / IDE. Very promising and good looking.
BracketsAnother text editor / IDE built with web technologies by Adobe.


CmderLet’s face it that windows command prompt sucks. Install this beautiful console emulator today and live happily ever after.
My Event ViewerWindows event viewer is slow. My enent viewer is fast.
Rapid Environment EditorAn environment variable editor that will take away the pain of working with windows native editor UI.
Process ExplorerHelps to take a closer look into processes.
Simple XML EditorIf all you want to do is just to format xml and analyze the strucure, this tool is just for you.
Debug ViewMonitor debug outputs various applications.
Process HackerHelps to inspect processes and helpful to debug memory leaks.
ILSpyFree and portable decompiler.

UI Design

Metro IconsIf you are a fan of flat design and you need some cool looking flat icons, Metro studio is there just for that.


FencesOrganize your desktop icons into separate compartments.
Wox LauncherA minimal launcher. Try and see your self.

Music Players

Music BeeFast, Leight weight, Theme support, Great set of features! Just install it.
Media MonkeySimilar to Music Bee but bit heavy. I switched to Music Bee from Media Money. But still a great player.


Adobe Digital EditionCollect all your ebooks under one tool and manage it like a pro.